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2016-01-25 新通教育




  Which of the following community service would you be more interested in doing and explain why? Cleaning the city park, planting flowers and trees or build a bicycle lane?

  Sample answer:

Honestly, I’ll definitely go for planting trees and flowers because this is something that can actually comfort me mentally. I’ll just do it naturally and spontaneously without forcing myself to participate in those community works that I'm not really into. And eh, I can also switch up from the fast-paced life and try to find a sense of tranquility and chill out a bit. On top of that, by planting more greens, I'm actually doing something to protect our mother earth, even though it’s just a tiny step but still makes me feel a sense of achievement and that kinda feeling is indescribable. So I’ll definitely do it because i have a certain and stronger urge and interest of doing so rather than the other two.


  Do you agree or disagree that the success of a school depends on experienced teachers?

  Sample answer:

  Alright, let’s back to life, back to reality, experienced teachers can not be the deciding factor to judge whether a school is good or not cuz experienced teachers have been teaching for so many years and they're probably tired of teaching the same old stuff over and over again and for the record, they are not as passionate as new teachers when it comes to teaching. In that case, a school should also hire some new faculty members in order to import some new blood so that students can benefit more from this change and the school, of course, is going to be a very successful school.
  What’s more, advanced facilities like a spacious indoor gym with all sorts of equipments, fancy and cozy dorms with wifi, and a wider selection of school activities are also really crucial when it comes to the evaluation of a successful school.

  Task 3.

  Reading: Student Letter, 建议学校应该在宿舍楼里放tea and coffee station, 因为节省时间又便宜
  Listening: Woman agrees, 因为早上起不来,时间很紧,没有时间特意去买早餐。只有学校餐厅有茶喝咖啡,宿舍提供的话会更方便。然后是因为咖啡厅太贵,这样更省钱一些。

  Sample Answer:

  In this reading passage, the student proposes that the university should set some coffee and tea station in student dorms cuz that can be so time efficient and also saves students a lot of money. (阅读中学生提的建议的主要内容)
  In the conversation, the woman can’t agree more with this proposal for two reasons. (对话中,女士的添堵) The first reason is that it’s really hard for students to get up early in the morning and they are always in a rush and they don't have time for breakfast. It can be a whole lot easier for them to grab a nice cup of coffee in their dorm buildings and they don't have to go all the way to the dining hall. (支撑自己观点的第一个原因)What’s more, it can also save them a lot of money from buying coffee and tea by doing so. Things in the coffee shop in our campus are always more expensive. (支撑自己观点的第二个原因)

  Task 4.

  Reading: 两种毫无联系的生物有可能在不同的环境下进化出相似的feature。Listening: 教授举了两种动物的例子。一个是非洲的长得像猪的生物,应该是platypus一个是澳洲的体型偏小的生物,应该是echidina. 它俩因为都吃一种昆虫,中种昆虫生活在很深很坚硬的mud里面,于是它俩都进化出了long sticky tongue,可以帮助它们从mud里面吃到虫子而活下来。

  Sample Answer:

  In this reading passage, it is talking about the animal evolution. After millions of years, animals are changed and evolved to the response of environmental development. (阅读中的观点)
  In the lecture, the professor gives one example of two animals to illustrate this theory. There is a pig like animal named platypus in Africa and a kind of small animal named echidna in Australia. They both have certain connection of eating the same insect living in the mud which can be so deep and hard. (第一个例子)Overtime, they both develop very long and sticky tongues so that they can get the insects out of the mud to survive. (第二个例子)

  Task 5.

  P: 男女要一起开车去看play,但是难得突然想起自己还有一门课,所以准备下周再去play. 但是这样女的就没有人开车带她了。
  S1: 女生可以开男神的车去。虽然有驾照,但是没有开车经验,不太敢,而且要去的地方也没开车去过。
  S2: 坐公交去,但是要花两倍时间,因为有很多站。

  Sample Answer:

  In this conversation, the woman is facing a problem that the man was supposed to drive her and company her to watch a play, but the man realized that he still got one class to go at the last min so that there would be no one to drive her to the play. (学生遇到的问题)
  So here are two solutions for her. The first one is that the woman can drive the man’s car by herself. (解决方法一)Another solution is the woman take a public transportation. (解决办法二)
  I think the woman should definitely choose the first solutions because it’s such an exhausting thing to take a bus, which may cause her a lot of energy and time and most improtantly, it is not the cool thing to do. Taking a public transportation to a play? shut up, no way. What’s more, life is too short to play it safe, she should definitely jump out of her comfort zone and take chances. it should be fun to do that. (自己的观点)

  Task 6.

  Topic: Railroad对美国的贡献
  第二个是可以运raw material比如coal. 美国南部没有煤,之前就没有工厂,因为需要煤provide energy,但是有了铁路,可以把其他区域的煤运过来,这样美国南部就多了很多工厂。

  Sample Answer :

  So in the lecture, the professor is talking about the contributions of railroad to America and also gives us two examples to illustrate it. (听力的主旨)
  The first example is that the business can sell their products to a further place and get more revenue. Like in the past, the business which sells clocks can only sell its clocks to local people. Overtime, as the expansion of railroad, the business can deliver their clocks to the entire country and sell to more people. (第一个例子)
  Another example is to make it possible to transport raw materials like coal. In the south of America, there are no factories due to the missing of coals cuz factories need energy provided by coals. As the expansion of railroad and coal utilization, which can transport coal from other regions to the south so that more and more factories can be built up there. (第二个例子)


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